SSC GD English Quiz – 01

1. You must avoid riding in a crowded bus/or travelling in a metro/during rush hour/ as both are quiet unpleasant experience.

2. Had you/not reached in time,/ we will have/ lost our lives.

3. The woodcutter felled/some trees/ with hardly/ many effort at all.

4. The river appears to have/ got its name/ from the town nearby.

5. Lack of required/ vitamins and minerals/ lead against/ several complications/ in the human body.

6. The Dussehra celebrations/ in Mysore/ this year/ are grandest than/ in any other part/ of the state.

7. It have been only/through writing/ that men have been able/ to spread their ideas to mankind.

8. The principal requested/ the teacher's/ to monitor/ and take care of the small children.

9. "Would you liked/ to have/ some fries/ along with your coffee,/ sir?"/ asked the waiter.

10. The supervisor/ wanted to known/ the pros and cons/ of the issue.