SSC GD English Quiz – 02

1. Raman putted the vegetable/ in the frying pan/ and after adding some water,/ closed the lid.

2. The recruiters/ were please/ to John's/ domain knowledge and personality.

3. Won't your/ please come/ to help me/ along this heavy box?

4. The sea has become/ an cheap dumping ground/ for all kinds/ of waste products.

5. The construction of the new business school is led to a sudden rise of population in our area.

6. They have lived/ in this apartment/ since ten years.

7. He win/ several accolades/ for his/ music compositions.

8. When she went for a walk/ Maya couldn't take off her scarf/ because it was/ too much windy.

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9. We don't really/ want a large house;/ we are looking for some comfort/ and some convenience on a moderate price.

10. Lalitha will go/ to sister's house/ in Mumbai/ this summer.