SSC GD English Quiz – 03

1. Four of earliest civilisations/ of the world/ were located/ on the banks of or near large rivers.

2. No sooner did Priya/ get her report card/ when she started jumping/ with joy.

3. The weather/ is much/ more warmer/ than it was a few days before.

4. The visitors complained/ at the poor accommodation/ they were provided/ during the tour.

5. Modern science have/ broken many myths/ about our food and diet.

6. Ranbir could not went/ to the award ceremony/ as he was busy/ shooting/ for a film/ in Maldives.

7. At the last meeting/ which took place in November,/ half the members submitted/ their resignations on protest.

8. My brother/ who live in Pune/ is arriving tomorrow.

9. I never miss/ a cricket match/ as i am fond of cricket/ from childhood.

10. One of/ the biggest enterprise/ in India/ is declaring a lockout.