SSC GD English Quiz – 04

1. The army/ marched fearless/ towards/ the enemy cantonment.

2. Several prominent film stars/ have appeared on television/ on behalf of awareness/ about hand hygiene.

3. Mr. Rao asked the newcomer/ to his office/ if he will minded/ working late that day.

4. The concept became/ too much clear to me/ after my tutor/ showed me the diagram.

5. It is misleading/ to imagine that/ computers can think/ same like human beings.

6. The balloon flew up/ as soon as/ the man cutting the string.

7. The Committee agreed/ that small businesses/ has been adversely affected/ by COVID 19.

8. The food/ in the new eater/ is much best than/ the one in R K Puram.

9. After entering the town,/ go straight and then/ take a sharpest turn/ towards your left/ to reach the mall.

10. All those students/ who are participating/ in the play/ have been notify/ to stay back for rehearsal/ after 3:00 p.m.