SSC GD English Quiz – 05

1. Raman went/ with his wife/ to the village/ to sold their land.

2. Mithila art tradition is passed on/ from one generation through a next/ by children watching and helping/ their mothers and grandmothers.

3. Why didn't you submitted your project on time?

4. Electric heaters were providing to all the officers at the guest house.

5. Einstein's school teachers though he would never success in life.

6. Airlines have increased fares because according to the new rules only limiting passengers are allowed.

7. We will definitely win the match/ this time because over team/ has prepare well.

8. The project is/ tough and I/ can't be able to/ complete it by Monday.

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9. That man would have attacked you, if you went that way.

10. Employees were given incentives based at their performance.